Tiara Rado Animal Hospital Pet Food Drive fills the pick up to feed pets


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT): The Community Food Bank can only distribute human food. So, Tiara Rado Animal Hospital steps into help with families that need pet food.

Tiara Rado Animal Hospital Pet Food Drive
Tiara Rado Animal Hospital Pet Food Drive filled the pick up truck to capacity to feed hungry pets as the weather chills down and for the next year in the Grand Junction area. (Click image to see video).

The hospital and its clients do the hard work– and Community Food Bank reaps the benefits. More than 1,400 lbs. of pet food have been donated to Tiara Rado Animal Hospital for their annual pet food drive.

“It’s grown every year,” said Biff Messinger with Community Food Bank. They also raised more than $600 for the food bank which lets them buy more pet food if they run out.

“Look at this big pile of food I’m sitting on. We have the best clients in the world,” said Jeff Stroud with Tiara Rado Animal Hospital.

Now, all the food will now go to the Community Food Bank. “People were kind and generous,” said Messinger. “Our clientele are the working poor.” They’re the working poor who need a helping hand. The Community Food Bank’s budget and mission only allows them to give out human food– so campaigns like this really help with a family’s four-legged friend.

“We really identified this as a problem in our community so we decided this is the best way to do community outreach,” said Stroud. And they’re doing it one bag or can of pet food at a time.

“We have enough to last the entire year. If you come in for people food and you need pet food– you’ll get it,” said Messinger.

Story By Matt Vanderveer, Anchor and Executive Producer | KJCT News 8 – GR8 News |