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Summer Chart tells when it's too hot for pets

Summertime is a fun time of year for people and pets outdoors, but summer heat can pose dangerous threats to pets.

When is it too hot to walk my dog?

It is best to walk your dog during the cooler times in the day, such as early morning and late evening. Not only is the air hot, but the concrete is hot as well! Dogs are tough and most likely will not tell you when their pads are hurting. To know if the concrete is too hot for your dog to walk on, place your hand on the concrete for 3 seconds. If the concrete is too hot for you, it is too hot for your dog.

Is it OK to just run into the store?
Check this Car Temperature Dog Safety Chart

In summer, it is extremely important to never leave your dog or cat in the car while you run into the store. Temperatures can escalate quickly. If it is hot for you, it is very hot for your pet! Remember, they have a fur coat! Check out this temperature safety/risk chart.
car temperature safety chart for summer

Dogs and cats like to be outdoors, right?

During the summer heat, it is best to keep your dog or cat indoors, in the air conditioning. However, if you are unable to keep your pet indoors, make sure your pet has plenty of access to shade and lots of water.

Cool off - go swim!

Some dogs love to swim and this time of year is perfect for swimming! If your pet has a hard time swimming on their own, a life jacket may be beneficial! Have fun!

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