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Pet Food Drive results in truckload of food and $1700 donation!

KKCO NEWS November 17, 2016: It’s one of the top requests at food banks in the Grand Junction area: pet food.

The Community Food Bank said its mission statement doesn’t allow them to collect or buy pet food, so it relies on other sources.

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For the third Thanksgiving running, the Tiara Rado Animal Hospital on the Redlands had a food drive for pets. Grand Junction residents handed over more than 850 pounds of kibble and nearly 900 dollars in cash this year.

The hospital matches all pet food and cash donations from the community each year. At least 1,722 pounds of dry and canned dog and cat food were donated in 2016, more than $1,700 in cash to the Community Food Bank, according to officials.

The animal hospital loaded up a truckload of food with the community food bank on Thursday. The Community Food Bank can’t take donations all year, so if you missed this year, you’ll have to wait until next year.

“We all work together to address hunger in the Valley, so we are a group of people that is compassionate and this is the most important time of year of course,” said Biff Messinger, the President of the Board of the Directors of the Community Food Bank.

By Carly Moore, KKCO reporter