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Our Vision and Mission


Tiara Rado Animal Hospital’s mission is to strive for excellence in patient care, compassion, client education, and community involvement. Our facility is equipped to provide the highest standard in diagnostics, medicine, non-invasive techniques, and surgical care. We seek to promote an excellent work environment that focuses on family and encompasses continuing education that benefits the patients, practice, and community.


At Tiara Rado Animal Hospital our primary role is to understand the diverse needs of our clients and patients. We promote an environment where we can challenge each other and pursue excellence through teamwork and continued evolvement of learning. Professionalism, compassion, integrity, and communication are some characteristics which we hold in high esteem at Tiara Rado Animal Hospital. We are committed to continuing a leadership role in western Colorado and eastern Utah through technological advancements. Our hospital understands perfection is unattainable, but we certainly try to get as close as possible!