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Concierge cat care results in fear-free veterinarian visits to keep cats healthy

Cats crave comfort, which makes trips to the Veterinarian so traumatic for both cats and their humans that cats do not get regular exams and their health can be jeopardized, according to recent studies.

Cat care is now re-imagined at Tiara Rado Animal Hospital. It starts with safe transportation and check-in procedures, plus a dedicated entryway and feline-friendly exam room.

“We collaborate with owners to keep their cat comfortable. We have carriers and advise owners on how to get their cat accustomed to and into the carrier,” said Dr. Bob Marquis, Veterinarian at Tiara Rado Animal Hospital. “Car rides are especially stressful, so we offer free and safe sedation to calm cats.”

Anxious time spent in the waiting room is eliminated. “Our staff bring cats through a separate entrance that leads to an exam room designed to be comforting,” said Dr Marquis. “Our goal is to improve the health and life span of cats by making routine check-ups easy. Symptoms of illness are not easy to spot in our feline companions. They are susceptible to kidney disease and tooth decay, it’s best to catch problems early rather than too late.”

To learn more about fear-free feline vet care, call Tiara Rado Animal Hospital at 970-243-4007 or request an appointment.


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