Fear-free Cat Care is here!

Cats crave comfort, which makes trips to the Vet so traumatic that cats do not get regular exams and their health can be jeopardized.

Cat care is now re-imagined at Tiara Rado Animal Hospital. It starts with safe transportation and check-in procedures, plus a dedicated entryway and feline-friendly exam room.

“We collaborate with owners to keep their cat comfortable. We have carriers and advise owners on how to get their cat accustomed to and into the carrier,” said Dr. Bob Marquis, owner of Tiara Rado Animal Hospital. “Car rides are especially stressful, so we offer free and safe sedation to calm cats.”

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TODAY Friday Nov. 17th: Drop off your food /cash donations for the TRAH Pet Food Drive to benefit Community Food Bank. Nov 17 is the final day..

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Tiara Rado Animal Hospital

This is our final week of this amazing pet food drive to support Community Food Bank. Please bring your donation of dog or cat food to our office..

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Tiara Rado Animal Hospital

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Tiara Rado Animal Hospital Pet Food Drive is going on again! Food and money are welcome at the TRAH office 2245 3/4 Broadway; open 8-5:30 M-F;..

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Tiara Rado Animal Hospital

Treats for pets available!!! Halloween is next week.

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Community Food Bank of Grand Junction

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National Veterinary Technician Week

https://www.avma.org/Events/pethealth/Pages/National-Veterinary-Technician-Week.aspx Happy Veterinary Technician Week to all of our hardworking..

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Tiara Rado is experiencing a power outage today, we will be closed for the day. We do not have access to phones or computers. We will call all..

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Pet Insurance | Nationwide is America's #1 Pet Insurance

September is also National Pet Insurance month! Is your pet covered? ASPCA, Nationwide, Healthy Paws, Pets Best and Pet Plan are just a few of..

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Pets can be weirdos, but they’re our weirdos ❤ happy Wednesday!

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