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Tiara Rado Animal Hospital Blog

Best tips for July 4 fireworks and frantic pets


While people enjoy July 4th fireworks, many of our pets do not! Pets are terrified by the booming noises, bright lights and sulferous smells. Three-quarters of all pet owners have had a pet afraid of fireworks. July 4th weekend is the busiest of the year at Mesa County Animal Control with animals coming to the shelter and people looking for lost pets.

Plan ahead to keep your pets safe while you celebrate July 4 fireworks

Anxiety medications - we have new options.

  • Call us to get meds prior to July 4th. Generally a Vet needs to see your pet annually to be able to prescribe medications.

Make sure your pet can be identified with a microchip.

  • Microchip your pet. A microchip implant is quick and gives your pet a lifetime ID. When Animal Control, Shelters and Vets pass a microchip scanner over an animal, the microchip transmits its ID number. The pet recovery service will contact you through your information on file.
  • If your pet has a microchip, make sure it is registered! Tiara Rado provides the initial registration service for our clients. Keep the registration updated with your current contact information and renewal payments at the pet database.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing its collar and ID tags. Tip: write your name and phone number on the inside of the collar.
  • Have a recent photo of your pet in case you have to search for it.

Make a safe space at home.

  • Confine your pet to a quiet, lit room, close the curtains, and muffle outside noise with soft music or the TV.
  • Put familiar items in the room like toys, your pet's bed and litter or pee pad if your pet uses them.
  • Be calm around your pet. Giving off nervous vibes will not help.
  • Provide food and water.
  • Watch your pet; stay, soothe and talk to her with her if possible. Allow your pet to hide.

After the fireworks, check on your pet.

  • Reassure him and let him have free run of the house to see how he behaves.
  • If your pet is stressed, keep him indoors overnight. Keep a litter tray available, or walk the dog after the fireworks on a leash or harness.

Signs of stress

  • Cats - running away, soiling the house, hiding and refusing to eat.
  • Dogs - barking, running away, soiling the house, hiding, cowering, clinging to owners, whimpering, trembling, pacing, panting and refusing to eat.

These pet safety tips also work for other events like thunderstorms

Sensitivity to noise can increase as pets age. For anxiety medications or a microchip implant, call 970-243-4007 or use the Request Appointment button.