Fear-free Cat Care is here!

Cats crave comfort, which makes trips to the Vet so traumatic that cats do not get regular exams and their health can be jeopardized.

Cat care is now re-imagined at Tiara Rado Animal Hospital. It starts with safe transportation and check-in procedures, plus a dedicated entryway and feline-friendly exam room.

cat veterinarians

“We collaborate with owners to keep their cat comfortable. We have carriers and advise owners on how to get their cat accustomed to and into the carrier,” said Dr. Bob Marquis, owner of Tiara Rado Animal Hospital. “Car rides are especially stressful, so we offer free and safe sedation to calm cats.”

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Dog Days 2016. It was so much fun!!!

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At Lincoln Park’s Dog Days this Sunday, bring your dog for the season’s last swim and get a free Gait Analysis from Tiara Rado Animal Hospital…

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Best Friends Animal Society

Happy National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

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Tiny Stray Dog Finds Her Human When She Joins Him For 77 Miles In Race

Pretty amazing story…

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This is Red, one of our adorable patients having some fun going fishing!

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This is Presley, an 8 week old Jack Russell puppy that visited us today!

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